Getting all of the Nutrients you need simply cannot be done without supplements.

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Reasons to Sell Weldon Flavorings                                              Product Features

*  Small footprints benefits OCS                                                                        *  Pre-measured 4 oz. pump bottles allow
    Operators & Customers                                                                                       for quick and accurate flavoring
*  Easier to deliver in route trucks                                                                      * Attractive counter caddy available
*  Can be used in Coffee, Tea, and Water                                                               to hold 3 popular flavors
*  No extra equipment needed                                                                             * Extremely concentrated 4 oz. bottles
*  Serve a variety of Flavors from a single pot                                                       flavor 118/8 oz. cups
*  Add on item to increase profit                                                                        *  Available in 16 oz. refill bottles
*  Half the cost of Syrup product per serving                                                    * Totally Unsweetened – contains no Sugar
*  Smaller size uses less shelf space                                                                      or Artificial Sweetener
*  Healthier Product than Syrups                                                                       *  No Fats or Sodium
*  Flavors Decaf as well as Regular                                                                     *  Calories 0 to 5 per serving


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